HoloLens Presentation Tour: Twin Cities Code Camp!

imageNINE hours of driving to and from Minnesota.
Over ONE HUNDRED excited attendees with standing-room-only at my presentation.
Well over FIFTY attendees and fellow speakers trying out my HoloLens for the first time!
Attendees to my HoloLens talk laughing at all my jokes — PRICELESS… 🙂

For all my attendees – as discussed, check out “A Holonaut’s Guide: HoloLens Development Resources” – and everyone can certainly reach out to me with any questions or insights! lance@lancelarsen.com

IMG_3907IMG_3910Thank you to Jason Bock (@jasonbock),
Brandy Favilla (@brandyfavilla),
Mike Hodnick (@kindohm) &
Judah Gabriel Himango (@judahgabriel) for
putting on a great Twin Cities Code Camp!


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