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As a passionate professional developer and more importantly a dad we only have so much time to dedicate to certain parts of our lives – so I pick and choose very carefully.  One such choice on the development side is to dedicate time to VR (Virtual Reality) and even more so to AR (Augmented Reality).

I was one of the few developers to have time at the last Microsoft //BUILD conference to get hands on development time with the HoloLens via the “Holographic Academy” – 4+ hours working with the HoloLens hardware and Unity software.  It was mind blowing!  More than I expected in almost all ways.

As a community presenter – and an business and technology entrepreneur – I see huge potential for serious AR corporate and commercial development.

I am keeping up (and ahead) of the technology curve and sharing daily VR/AR news and emerging technology on both Facebook and Twitter – wanted to share so you can keep up with me. 🙂

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